Matt has spent more than 20 years applying AI based solutions to solve a wide range of my clients’ challenges.

During this time, AI-powered solutions have continually become more powerful and delivered more value. They have also been progressively enabled by other complimentary exponential technologies, such as increases in data, computing power and connectivity.

But in tandem, new types of associated risk have become more relevant to address. These risks are not limited to the performance of AI. They also relate to newer areas of risk, such as ethical, societal, AI security and control risks.

Ultimately the board of a company is accountable for it's use of customers data, and the results of applying AI and advanced analytics to this data, however many organisations are not sufficiently aware and prepared for managing these new emerging risks. 

In this talk, we'll discuss how companies need frameworks, tools and solutions to support the appropriate governance of AI, the development and deployment of ethical frameworks relating to AI usage and the testing of algorithms to ensure fairness, understanding of bias, transparency and explainability are accounted for, while ensuring the deployment of AI is robust and secure.  We call this "Responsible AI".

Instructor's Bio

Matt Kuperholz

 Chief Data Scientist at PwC Australia

Professor Matt Kuperholz is the PwC Australian firms Chief Data Scientist, has recently been awarded on of the Top 100 Global Innovators in Data and Analytics was voted Australia's top analytics leader as awarded by the premier industry body, has been awarded top 50 Data Leaders on the planet and top 100 Knowledge Workers in Australia by the office of the Chief Scientist and the Prime Minister. M@ is a self confessed major computer geek who has been applying A.I. in anger to real world client problems most days this millenium.

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    Responsible AI : With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

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