Live training with Bill Shander starts on March 2nd and March 8th at 1 PM (ET)

Training duration: 3.5 hours x 2 (Hands-on)

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Instructor Bio:

Bill Shander

Founder | Beehive Media

Bill Shander

Bill is an information designer, helping clients turn their data into compelling visual and often interactive experiences. He teaches data storytelling, information design and data visualization on LinkedIn Learning and in workshops for clients around the world. Bill is also Communications Director on the board of the Data Visualization Society. His clients include the World Bank, United Nations, Starbucks, American Express, Deloitte, and various agencies of the U.S. Government.

Live training starts in:

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By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize a framework and process for turning raw data into a visual narrative with impact

  • Implement specific strategies to make visuals more impactful for any audience

  • Produce a complete data story from beginning to end as one of the many hands-on exercises


Course Abstract

Learn the art and science, the theory and practical hands-on tactics of creating compelling communications experiences based on surveys, scientific research, public or proprietary data sources. Join Bill Shander, LinkedIn Learning/’s data visualization expert and top-rated workshop presenter, as he walks through a curriculum specially designed for a broad array of people. In this very hands-on practical and intimate setting, you will get to do the work, not listen to lectures all day. In individual and team exercises, you will work your way up from basic visual thinking exercises to creating full outlines and plans for static infographics, PowerPoint decks, and/or interactive data experiences. You will practice converting abstract ideas and data into visuals, allowing you to conceptualize and produce a complete idea that could be handed to a designer for collaboration and execution, if you have those resources available to you, or execute on your own.

Course Outline

1. Introduction
  • Why are we here talking about this?
  • A communications framework
  • The Process of Getting From Numbers to Narrative

2. The KWYs
  • Clear focus leads to clear stories
  • Individual Exercise – headline writing

3. Storytelling
  • Outlining a narrative that flows
  • Troubleshooting a complex story
  • Team Exercise – outlining a story based on example data

4. Design/Visualization
  • Human visual perception (how the human brain processes visual information)
  • Research-driven design best practices
  • Picking the right chart for your data/task
  • Individual Exercise – visualizing a simple data set as many ways as you can
  • Team Exercise – executing on the data story previously outlined

5. Data Visualization Tools
  • A high-level review of the universe of tools
  • Demo of 2-3 interesting visualization tools to add to the toolbelt

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