Live training with Bill Shander starts on February 16 at 1 PM (ET)

Training duration: 4 hours (Hands-on)

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Instructor Bio:

Bill Shander

Founder | Beehive Media

Bill Shander

Bill is an information designer, helping clients turn their data into compelling visual and often interactive experiences. He teaches data storytelling, information design and data visualization on LinkedIn Learning and in workshops for clients around the world. Bill is also Communications Director on the board of the Data Visualization Society. His clients include the World Bank, United Nations, Starbucks, American Express, Deloitte, and various agencies of the U.S. Government.

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By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand basic principles of programming with D3.js

  • Implement basic SVG-based visualizations with D3.js

  • Take advantage of key D3 features, like axes, scales, transitions, and more


Course Abstract

D3.js has become the standard for creating custom interactive data visualizations for the web. This feature-rich open source javascript library allows you to create dynamic and extremely diverse experiences that can interact with users and any other element on a web page. For programmers familiar with Javascript, it is not hard to pick up and run with D3 very quickly. For those with limited javascript experience, it can be intimidating. This course will help anyone who has some javascript familiarity get comfortable creating rich, animated, interactive experiences with D3. If you have worked with jQuery, for instance, you can easily work with D3.

Course Outline

1. Getting Started with D3

  • Introduction to D3 and what it can do

2. Working with SVG

  • What is SVG
  • Creating basic SVG objects
  • Adding attributes to SVG objects

3. Working with Data

  • Data formats
  • Loading data (processes, limitations)
  • Automatically generating objects from data
  • Binding data to objects

4. Leveraging Key D3 Functionality

  • Dynamic generation of scales based on data
  • Dynamic creation of chart axes
  • Animations (transitions)
  • Adding interactivity (hover and click events) to objects

5. D3’s Dynamic Update Pattern

  • Objects being added, removed, updated in a data set
  • Reactive visuals that respond to changes
  • Cascading changes to the DOM based on updates

6. Additional D3 Tricks

  • Working with circular forms (arcs)
  • Working with geography
  • Working with force layouts

Which knowledge and skills you should have?

Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, particularly experience with modern JS libraries, such as jQuery, will be helpful for this class.

What is included in your ticket?

  • Access to live training and QA session with the Instructor

  • Access to the on-demand recording

  • Certificate of completion

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