Visualizations are a powerful way to simplify and interpret the underlying patterns in data. It is incredibly useful and helps businesses make better data-driven decisions. Use of graphs is one such visualization technique.

Graphs are mathematical structures used to study relationships between objects and entities. These entities can be either customers, products, operations, or devices. Graphs are leveraged mostly in social network analysis, fraud detection, supply chain, and search engine optimization. By mapping these relationships in connected data, graph analytics is used to unlock more insightful questions and produce more accurate outcomes. 

We can use Graphs to model different structures and problems in an efficient manner and it provides a mechanism to do that in cases where the data is arranged in a specific way.

Learning Objectives:

1. An understanding of Graph Theory

2. What graph algorithms are and their Practical applications

3. A broad overview of the field of graph analytics to learn new ways to model, store, retrieve and analyze graph-structured data.

4. And much more

Instructor's Bio

Emeka Okoye

 Chief Semantic Architect/Knowledge Engineer at CYMANTIKS Nigeria Limited

He is a Knowledge Scientist with Cymantiks Limited, In the last 25 years, Emeka has been at the forefront of technology and innovation in Nigeria from co-founding the earliest startup ( to designing the first framework for publishing Open Election Data to building cognitive solutions like Knowledge Graph for public sector corruption.

His experience has embraced a breadth of technologies culminating today in the Semantic Web and AI world with his primary focus being solution design, engineering and product development while working with a cross-section of professionals across various cultures in Africa and Europe in solving problems at a complex level.

Emeka is able to understand and explain technologies from deep-diving under the hood to the value proposition level. He believes Linked Data, Knowledge Graphs and Smart Agents will change and improve the way we live and work, and he is passionate about designing and building systems that will make this a reality and teaching others to do it.

He has been listed among the top 20 most influential Technology people in Africa (2013) by South Africa IT News blog and also among the Global Top 20 Mobile Commerce, Mobile Payments, Mobile Banking and Mobile Money influencers in Social Media by Obopay (2012).

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