This talk will present how Solutions Analytics team makes utilization of and contribute to the open-source project dbt in order to build data pipelines for internal analytics workloads. It will then show how to extend these pipelines with TensorFlow in the data warehouse in order to introduce machine learning into the company without introducing the technical debt that can come from starting a machine learning practice.

Instructor's Bio

Nick Acosta

 Developer Advocate and Data Scientist at Fivetran

Nick Acosta is a Developer Advocate and Data Scientist at Fivetran that enjoys helping developers automate data pipelines. Nick studied computer science at Purdue University and the University of Southern California, and has worked in high-performance computing at Hewlett-Packard and AI at IBM.

Joe Markiewicz

 Solutions Analyst at Fivetran

Joe Markiewicz is a member of the Solutions team at Fivetran primarily focusing on creating dbt packages that fully model data from Fivetran connectors. Outside of work Joe loves reading a good book, is an avid rock climber, and frequently enjoys developing his own video games.

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    Extending Data Analytics Workloads to Machine Learning with dbt and TensorFlow

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