How can you be anyone in ZoomSpace? We will see how very recent (as of mid-April) open-source code [1] allows doing live real-time deep-fake in Zoom and Facebook Live. Where does this put us on the axis in between the promised cybernetic utopia and trolling potential: infinity!? Can this be a middle ground between online participation policing and personal privacy? A Significant part of the workshop is a hands-on jam, where we will create deep fakes [2], using online tools that do not require prior coding or machine learning know-how [3]. We will also practice playing with live avatars in zoom [4]. This tutorial is will be focused on applicative and creative aspects.

[1] Avatarify,

[2] First Order Motion Model for Image Animation (FOMM),



Instructor's Bio

Eyal Gruss, Machine learning researcher and new-media artist

Eyal Gruss is a machine learning researcher, practitioner and teacher. He is also a new-media artist applying generative algorithms to create interactive installations, computational poetry and live video-art. website:


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    Workshop "Avatars in Zoom for All!"

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