Health care quality may be a very difficult concept to define; it is a vast concept with different domains to articulate in one study. Therefore, the major focus will be on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is improving health care outcomes with an emphasis on patient care.

AI has been instrumental in many fields. AI also plays an important role in healthcare. Attendees will learn how AI is changing the healthcare sector, and what the future beholds.

We will examine some examples of AI in different domains of healthcare. These domains range from diagnosis to development of new medicine with AI, to mining and managing medical data with AI, etc.

Some of these examples, include: Enlitic which develops deep learning medical tools to streamline radiology diagnoses, or Xlapti, an AI cloud-based digital which helps in drug discovery.

BenevolentAI uses deep learning for targeted treatment, or Auris Health who develops AI-robots which are revolutionizing endoscopy, or Qventus, an AI-based platform that enhances real-time patient flow optimization.

In addition, attendees will learn how AI is been deployed in clinical settings with focus on some AI-empowered solutions driving quality and an overall improvement in healthcare.

Instructor's Bio

Olayinka Arimoro, Data Science fellow at the Information and Data Analytics Foundation (IDAF)

Olayinka Arimoro is currently a Data Science fellow at the Information and Data Analytics Foundation (IDAF). He has degrees in Education (with minor Mathematics) and Statistics with distinction from the prestigious University of Lagos. Before now, he has taught basic Statistics and Probability courses to year 3 and 4 students of universities. He has his Ph.D. aspirations in Biostatistics. He is seriously passionate about solving challenges, especially in the health sector.

Therefore, he looks out for opportunities as to how Statistics, Data science can help solve challenges in the health sector.

He is passionate to share his knowledge with others and can do anything to achieve this cause. He is committed to see others becoming the best they can be. Also, he mentors young people to discover their purpose of existence and see to achieving this in their lifetime.

In addition, due to his beliefs in the revolutionary power of education, he founded a nonprofit organization called Predicare Steun Academy (PSA), which creates a platform where young ones can leverage on the "power of education" to proffer solutions to challenges around them.

Local ODSC chapter in Lagos, Nigeria


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    AI-Empowered solutions for quality assessment and control in healthcare delivery

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