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Speak at ODSC meetups/webinars

If you are interested to give a talk on some of our meetups/webinars, please fill in the form and we will contact you. Some hot topics for tech talks are NLP, Time-series, Machine Learning or Deep Learning, Data Visualization, Data Science Frameworks, etc.


“I have been honored to be ODSC ambassador. I had the chance to engage more in the data science industry and contribute by volunteering for the local community in Boston. As promised, ODSC always brings the brightest people to the present. Thus I am fortunate to work with them, learn from them, and share my idea with them. I hope together we can involve more people in the community.”

Meetup ambassador in Boston

Mai Anh Nguyen

“ODSC attracts a stellar line-up of international speakers spanning academia and industry. Whether you are a novice or an expert in data science, you will definitely get the most out of the conferences and workshops. ODSC Dublin Chapter acts as an open forum for free-flowing thoughts and exchange of experiences between participants and speakers. You are more than welcome to join us!”

Meetup ambassador in Dublin

Boun Chun

“Bangalore ODSC local chapter is one of the most important communities in Bangalore for those who deal with analytics and analytical technologies. In addition to the talks, which were able to explain to us on what level is Data Science in the region, these meetups provide me a chance to meet with many people who deal with analytics.”

Meetup ambassador in Bangalore

Shadab Hussain

“Being an Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) meet-up ambassador provides you the opportunity to interact with like-minded people and learn from their experiences in the data science industry. ODSC has an exceptional global outreach making it an amazing platform for networking. It's truly amazing how the open culture allows you to explore new pathways for learning. I'd highly recommend volunteering for the ambassador program.”

Meetup ambassador in Dublin

Harshal Chaudhary

“I became an ODSC meetup ambassador after attending my first meetup thanks to the people I connected with and the content everyone had to share. It introduced me to a community of like-minded people with vast ranges of experience and knowledge. I've learned so much while enjoying the time I spend with these members of our community, a big thank you to ODSC!”

Meetup ambassador in San Diego

Josue Garcia

Become the next ODSC Community ambassador

We are looking for volunteers who are interested to lead and develop data science community in their cities. Fill in the form and we would be glad to have you onboard.

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