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     Speed and accuracy of processing and reporting are paramount in the financial services industry, yet the sector has been slow to fully embrace emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to significantly enhance these processes. Our talk introduces an innovative approach to overcoming these obstacles. At Fitch Group, we leverage the strengths of pre-trained and custom-developed Machine Learning (ML) models. We're developing this end-to-end system to navigate the complexities of financial data and content generation for financial customers effectively. 

      This talk will discuss our component-based approach that is already delivering business value as we progress towards our long-term goal of establishing an end-to-end processing and content generation pipeline. I will highlight areas where we opted to develop custom ML models, such as processing fundamental financials from reports and tables, and where we've integrated pre-trained LLMs to enhance content generation and expedite analyst research. 

Attendees will be introduced to practical applications and case studies demonstrating how our hybrid intelligence approach has significantly enhanced our workflows. This method has streamlined the sourcing, extraction, and analysis of financial data, improved our efficiency in generating comprehensive reports and insights, and will broaden the spectrum of financial insights we can offer. This session is designed to equip financial professionals, data scientists, and technologists with the insights needed to adopt similar strategies, enabling them to streamline their own financial processes and reporting capabilities to align with the demands of contemporary finance.

Local ODSC chapter in NYC, USA

Instructor's Bio

Pablo Vega-Behar

AI / ML Product Owner & Tech Lead at The Fitch Group

Pablo is a data science leader with over ten years of work experience and a passion for applying machine learning and natural language processing to solve real-world problems. He wants to leverage data and analytics to deliver insights, solutions, and value for businesses and customers. Pablo has a PhD in structural engineering, a fellowship in data science, and multiple certifications in AWS, Python, and machine learning.


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