ODSC team is extremely thrilled to have our 2nd round of West panel discussions.

YouTube --

The discussion with Ketan Umare will cover these topics --
  • Static typing, type checking in data systems
  • MLOps
  • Why Docker & Kubernetes but not kubernetes api for data science?
  • Reproducibility
  • Memoization

Instructor's Bio

Ketan Umare

Creator of Flyte

Ketan Umare is the TSC Chair for Flyte (incubating under LF AI & Data). He is also the Co-founder and CEO of Previously he had multiple Senior Lead roles at Lyft, Oracle and Amazon ranging from Cloud, Distributed storage, Mapping (map making) and machine learning systems. He is passionate about building software that makes developer and other engineers' lives easier and provides simplified access to large scale systems. With Flyte he is trying to bridge the gap from ideation to productionization for data and ML pipelines and bring a battle tested approach and structure to the data and ML world.Besides software, he is a proud father, husband and enjoys traveling and outdoor activities


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