It’s 2021 – we have magical cloud data warehouses and analysts own ELT, but data teams still struggle to serve metrics consistently across an organization. There are more data applications than ever before and metrics (active users, monthly recurring revenue, churn rate) are broadly the inputs into these systems and the language that we all use to talk about data in the modern data organization. Logic for these metrics is spread across scheduled and dynamic queries in the data warehouse and in downstream analytics tools. This presents a fundamental challenge for the core principles of data mesh and the metrics store presents a novel approach to enabling companies to pursue the data mesh paradigm.

In the discussion, Nick Handel, CEO of Transform, will share his learnings and observations on how Airbnb’s metrics store enabled broad data consumption and trust. Nick will cover the following topics specifically: 

  1. Definition of a metrics store and its key components 

  2. Technical and organizational challenges associated with treating metrics as a data product.

  3. The relationship between the metrics store and the principles of a data mesh. Specifically, how a metrics store can act as an interface for distributed data teams. 

  4. Metrics as a language for communicating and sharing data.

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Instructor's Bio


Nick Handel,

CEO and Co-Founder at Transform

Nick Handel is the CEO and Co-Founder at Transform; a Series-A startup focused on making data accessible within an organization through metrics. Before Transform, Nick held a variety of roles at Branch International (Head of Data), Airbnb (Product Manager, Sr. Data Scientist), and Blackrock (Research Economist). At Airbnb, his work included launching Airbnb’s ML platform, leading growth strategies, and building the company’s data science team. He is an avid trail runner, climber, skier, and adventurer and spends much of his free time with his dog Huckleberry. 


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