ODSC team is extremely thrilled to have the last round of West panel discussions.

The discussion with Jennifer will cover these topics:

  • The role of Big Data in AI / what is data-centric AI?
  • The business value of AI: are businesses getting value from AI? Why or why not? How to make things better?
  • The role of DataOps in the adoption of AI
  • Where is AI going? How do you see the future of AI?

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Local ODSC chapter in San Francisco, USA

Instructor's Bio

Dr. Jennifer Prendki

Founder and CEO at Alectio

Dr. Jennifer  and her team are on a fundamental mission to help ML teams build models with less data (leading to both the reduction of ML operations costs and CO2 emissions) and have developed technology that dynamically selects and tunes a dataset that facilitates the training process of a specific ML model. 

Prior to Alectio, Jennifer was the VP of Machine Learning at Figure Eight; she also built an entire ML function from scratch at Atlassian, and led multiple Data Science projects on the Search team at Walmart Labs. She is recognized as one of the top industry experts on Data Preparation, Active Learning and ML lifecycle management, and is an accomplished speaker who enjoys addressing both technical and non-technical audiences.


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