Data scientists often adopt sophisticated and advanced algorithms to build more accurate machine learning models. However, the higher accuracy comes at the cost of losing the interpretability of how the predictions are being arrived at. In this webinar, we will discuss the local and global interpretation of the machine learning models and how we can explain the predictions.

Local ODSC chapter in Bengaluru, India

Instructor's Bio

Vidhi Chugh

Staff Data Scientist at Walmart Global Tech India

She is a Staff Data Scientist at Walmart Global Tech India. She designs AI/ML solutions that help organizations make smarter and efficient business decisions.  

Earlier, she has worked with Blue Yonder, Ericsson and PwC. She is an FRM charter holder and studied engineering at The NorthCap University, India.

She writes blogs with the aim to simplify AI/ML concepts. She has been featured by "Million Stem" to inspire the next-gen. She is an advocate for “Responsible and Ethical AI” and aims to promote AI for social good.


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