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Training duration: 4 hours (Hands-on)

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Instructor Bio:

Python & Data Science Corporate Trainer / Consultant | MetaSnake

Matt Harrison

Author and instructor of Python and Data Science material. Co-chair Utah Python user group. Speaker/presenter at various conferences (PyCon, OSCON, Strata, SciPy, SCALE, OpenWest, StartFest). Corporate trainer to companies big (HP, Adobe, Cisco, Samsung, Qualcomm) and small (Instructure, Fusion-IO). Taught multiple 6 week courses for elementary students on Drone programming, Python programming, web development (html and css), and ebook production (published an ebook and physical book at the end).

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand object model of Python. Familiarity with basic data structures

  • Build functions and classes to aid in data science work.


Course Outline


   * Installation - 10 min

   * Jupyter - 10 min


   * Variables - 10 min

   * Literals - 15 min

   * Math - 10  min

   * Getting Help - 10 min

   * Exercise: Perform math

Syntax, strings, & files

   * Conditionals - 5 min

   * Iteration - 10 min

   * Strings & Unicode - 15 min

   * Files - 10 min

   * Exercise: Read a file and convert to binary and lowercase     

Data Structures

   * Lists - 10 min

   * Slicing - 10 min

   * Dictionaries - 15 min

   * Comprehensions - 10 min

   * Exercise: Operations of lists of numeric data

Organizing Code

   * Functions & Lambdas - 15 min

   * Modules - 10 min

   * Classes - 15 min

   * Exceptions - 10 min

   * Exercise: Create a function and class to manipulate numeric data


Course Abstract

What I've found in teaching Data Science to thousands of students was that these courses were not fitting the right need. It was like teaching a new driver to drive a dump truck ... too much non-relevant information. So I have taken my industry experience and merged it with my teaching experience to create a course specifically tailored to provide you with a Python background to be productive, but also not have those annoying knowledge gaps.

What background knowledge you should have?

  • Some programming experience with another language is required

What is included in your ticket?

  • Access to live training and QA session with the Instructor

  • Access to the on-demand recording

  • Certificate of completion

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