We all like speed and want our models to run faster. The faster you can run your models, the further along you can get your models to production. This is where PIP INSTALL TORCH-TB-PROFILER comes in. In this session, we will go over the new PyTorch Profiler release features and how you can start leveraging this performance tool. We’ll be covering features like Distributed Training view, Memory view, GPU Utilization Visualization, and Cloud Storage Support.

 Who is it aimed at?

Anyone interested in AI development

 Why should you attend? 

Learn more about the work Facebook & Microsoft and how it helps users optimize their model performance.


Please Install torch-tb-profiler

Local ODSC chapter in San Francisco, USA

Instructor's Bio

Sabrina Smai

Product Manager at Microsoft

She works with all things PyTorch and ONNX Runtime.


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