Electricity grid was initially designed for one-way directional flow distributed from a centralised generation source to end consumers. Over time, the electricity grid has been grown in both HV and LV level. This increased penetration of Distributed Energy Resources has created new challenges. The team initiated the Low Voltage-Distributed Energy Resource Management System (LV-DERMS) to better manage and control the stability of our network by automatic controlling of air-conditioner energy consumption. This allows users to reduce consumption during peak periods.

The team identifies distribution substations that are prone to stress during hot weather due to peak capacity constraints such as residential air conditioner loads. 

In this talk, Thilaksha will demonstrate the LV-DERMS Architecture from forecasting demand for those stressed distribution substations, calculating overload, creating events, event monitoring via Sensibo device, and post-event reporting. You will learn how the team controls the load on the LV network to help balance the grid and to avoid risks of black-outs and power quality issues on the constrained areas of the network.

Local ODSC chapter in Sydney, Australia

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Instructor's Bio

Dr Thilaksha Silva

Data Scientist at CitiPower, Powercor & United Energy

Thilaksha Silva has obtained a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Statistics from Monash University, Australia. Thilaksha is skilled in data science for electricity distribution, statistics, time series forecasting, predictive modelling and big data analytics. She is adept at advanced data analytics with 10+ years of experience and has mastered in communicating the business value across the business and engaging audience with data science on a deeper level.


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