Data science projects typically require a high degree of collaboration among various cross-functional teams to be successful. This is for all the analysts who have a plot, image, or interactive visualizations in their Jupyter notebooks and want to share it with their stakeholders or their boss, (who might not necessarily have the environment to run those notebooks), get regular feedback, iterate often and thus, collaborate effectively.

In this session, speaker will compare the best tools available for dashboarding in Python, talk about lessons learnt about collaborating on data science projects at Duke, share how the team is using Panel in data science projects at Duke University followed by a short demo showing how to build a dashboard yourself.

Local ODSC chapter in Austin, USA

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Instructor's Bio

Gagandeep Kaur

Data Scientist at Duke Office of Information Technology

Gagandeep Kaur (Gagan) designs data solutions for university IT, researchers, students and faculty to promote student success, facilitate research and optimize operations. She holds a Masters of Engineering Management from Duke University and has previously worked as a software engineer in India. Gagan was born and raised in Punjab, India; the state known for its amazing food - butter chicken, chicken tikka, naan to name a few. In her free time, Gagan enjoys yoga, cooking and hosting get-togethers.


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