Traditionally, accessing data that lives outside your organization has been virtually impossible. Today, new technologies are on the horizon that make data collaboration seamless and safe, enabling data owners to maximize the value of their data and maintain control over it. 

In this session, David Gilmore, LiveRamp’s Head of Privacy Technology Solutions and Safe Haven* will share how designing with federation and privacy opens up endless possibilities for data collaboration for companies of all sizes. Attendees will learn about building the future of cross-cloud data collaboration with federation and privacy and will walk away with an understanding of how security practices, legal mechanisms, and privacy-enhancing technologies can connect to enable safe and secure data collaboration.

Instructor's Bio

David Gilmore

 Head of Privacy Tech Solutions, LiveRamp

 David Gilmore is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of building elite global teams, creating and launching enterprise software products built on emerging technologies, and executing complex GTMs in healthcare, adtech, national security, and finserv. Currently, David leads federated (multi-cloud) and privacy-preserving analytics products at LiveRamp, where he serves as Head of Privacy Tech Solutions. Previously, David was CEO at DataFleets, which was acquired by LiveRamp in February 2021.


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