Today, everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence(AI)-Machine Learning(ML)-Natural Language Processing(NLP), but only a few could use it due to non-technical /programming background. By using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio anyone with a curious mindset and passion towards data-driven decision making,  can develop production-ready AI-ML-NLP solutions within hours. We will learn together how to create some cool Machine Workflows in a few clicks and deploy them in production using RestAPI.

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Instructor's Bio

Ariful Mondal

Head of Analytics at Finance House

Ariful Mondal is a seasoned global Data Science Leader with 17 years of commercial experience in Banking and Financial Services, Retail, CPG, Manufacturing, Automobile, Travel Transport, Hi-Tech/Digital, Healthcare, Telecom and Education. As the Head of Analytics, he is redefining the Data & Analytics vision of a Financial Services Company. His core competencies include setting up modern data & analytics practices, infrastructure and implementation of advanced analytics solutions to improve straight-through processing of credit lending, external data harmonization, digitization of executive reporting, building of self-service analytics capabilities within various business functions and developing culture for information-driven decision making across industries. In the past, Ariful was working in the capacity of Director - Data & Analytics with CRISIL Ltd, an S&P Global Company, where he has consulted various global investment banks and wealth management companies. Some of his past organizations include Tata Consultancy Services (India, USA, UK), HSBC and Morgan Stanley to name a few.  In addition, Ariful has been working with various academia such as LSE, IIT, Indian Statistical Institute(ISI) over the years to develop data and analytics talent and community.


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    Anybody can do AI/ML/NLP using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio

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