AI+ Careers Lab 2021, taking place on February 3rd, is ideal for job seekers from both the tech and business fields to engage with top employers in the data science field and open up amazing career opportunities. Consider attending if you’re a developer, marketer, data scientist, software engineer, data engineer, data analyst, business analyst, product manager, or in another related field.

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Career Mentor Session

Aadil Hussaini

Data Scientist at Lyft

Experienced Data Scientist with strong business acumen, with a demonstrated history of driving product impact by designing and implementing hypothesis driven experiments , driving analytical understands, setting product goals and vision, and building end-to-end data data infrastructure.

Talk "Am I Ready for a Data Science Job?"

Data Science is helping top-tech companies transform how their products function and is one of the highest paying jobs with a job satisfaction rating of 4.8 on 5 right now.  Unfortunately, breaking into Data Science isn’t super easy. Doubly so for those coming from non-traditional backgrounds and fresh graduates. In our talk "Am I ready to be a Data Scientist", we will discuss 4 essential questions :

1. Am I passionate about Data Science?

2. Do I have the right skills to be a Data Scientist?

3. Will I be able to ace the Data Science interview?

4. Will I be able to excel in my job?


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    Am I Ready for a Data Science Job?

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