Certifications can be a time- and budget-friendly way to build new data science and AI skills or refresh old ones.

At the webinar we will be discussing ODSC’s current and upcoming certification programs, Machine Learning Certification, Fundamentals for Machine Learning, and Advanced Machine Learning Certification, and how they can be best utilized to achieve your career goals.

Local ODSC chapter in Boston, USA

Instructor's Bio

Sheamus McGovern

Software Engineer & AI Expert

Founder of ODSC and Software Architect specializing in, complex multi-platform systems across multiple industries including finance, healthcare, and education.

Mostafa Gamal Badawy

Senior Data Scientist at ODSC

Mostafa has 5+ years of experience working in the research and development of ML software including natural language processing and computer vision systems. He built the backbone of many AI software companies. He published several research papers in the top AI conferences around the world. He also has a long experience in the deployment and optimization of machine learning software in production.


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