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Career Mentor Session

Wjdan Alharthi

Data Scientist - Chemicals, Petroleum, and Industrial Products at IBM

Wjdan Alharthi is a Data Scientist with the Chemicals, Petroleum, and Industrial Products (CP/IP) industry team at IBM in Saudi Arabia. She obtained her BA in Computer Science from Boston University in the US with a minor in Mathematics, and her MS also in Computer Science focusing on Machine Learning Natural Language Processing from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia. At IBM Wjdan works with companies in the CP/IP industry, helping them develop their data strategies, understand their data value, and improve and achieve operational excellence with Data Science and AI.

Talk "A Data Scientist from Academia to Industry: things you should know! "

If you are:

-a data scientist thinking of switching from academia to the industry

-a data scientist who just graduated

-a data scientist job-hunting for a job in the industry

In this talk, I will share with you lessons I learned and picked-up during my transition, interviews, internships, mentoring sessions, and my current job about what a successful data scientist is like in the industry.


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    A Data Scientist from Academia to Industry: things you should know!

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