Come learn about new model deployment capabilities in Azure ML including operationalizing ML models. At Microsoft Build 2021 (25-May) we announced the public preview of Azure Machine Learning managed endpoints. Managed endpoints are designed to help our customers deploy their models in a turnkey manner across powerful CPU and GPU machines in Azure in a scalable, fully managed way. These take care of serving, scaling, securing & monitoring your ML models, freeing you from the overhead of setting up and managing the underlying infrastructure.

Local ODSC chapter in Dublin, Ireland

Instructor's Bio

Sethu Raman

Product manager in Azure ML at Microsoft

Sethu leads product strategy for managed inference capabilities in Azure Machine Learning at Microsoft. He engages with customers around the world, across industries to create an intuitive developer experience for machine learning. He also guides customers design their ops workflows (MLOPs) for Machine Learning. Prior to joining Microsoft, he was Chief Architect for Analytics (Data & AI) for IBM technical specialist (field) team in the MEA region.


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    New model deployment & ops capabilities using managed endpoints in Azure Machine Learning

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