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June AiQ Winner: David Kaftan

Congratulations to our runners-up :

- Chester Gan

- Khalil Henci

-Sri Kanajan

-Anna Popova

AiQ: Hands-on Practise

Aiq Hands-on Practise allow you to self assess your data science, machine learning, deep learning and coding skills.

Vacation Rental Cancellations

Vacation Rental Cancellations

Business Case

Revenue management is fundamental to the hospitality industry and effectively managing cancellations is core to any operations success. Our subject is an online vacation home rental site which allows users to book private residences for individuals (hosts) for short-term rental. One of their competitive advantages is the site allows last minute cancellations.  Customers love the convenience however it's a major headache for both the site and hosts.  The platform loses revenue share and the host loses income.

AiQ Challenge

You are charged with building a model to predict which reservations are most likely to be canceled. Perform an analysis of the provided data and learn how different features are related to, and affect, the likelihood of a booking cancelation. You are provided with a training set and target valuable (is_cancelled) and a test set. 

AiQ Challenge Details

  • Focus Area: Machine Learning
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Estimated Duration: 150 minutes
  • Languages: Choice of Python, R, Julia
  • Core Skills Assessed:
    • Coding
    • Data Wrangling
    • Modeling
    • Feature Selection
    • Machine Learning
    • Jupyter notebook
    • Data Visualization