In this talk we would cover the basics of the linguistic theory, the 4 layers of linguistic analysis, and how deep learning fits in this scheme.

We would discuss the upsides and downsides of using deep learning for NLP applications and give a short intro to transformers.

Instructor's Bio

Uri Goren, Machine Learning Consultant at

Uri is an experienced NLP practitioner, having worked for several Fortune 500 companies, and startups as an ML and NLP researcher.

Today, Uri is leading, a consulting firm for NLP and recommender systems.

» Skilled machine learning and artificial intelligence researcher, with a hands-on attitude.

» Programming since elementary school, founded several businesses over the years.

» Specializes in Rapid development, Developing POCs and bringing results fast.

» Passionate about language (natural and formal), and statistical thinking.

» Organizer of , PyData Tel-Aviv. 

Local ODSC chapter in Tel Aviv, Israel

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    What makes Deep Learning a good match for NLP

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    • Adapt. Transform. Upskill.