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Tutorial Overview

Build a Question and Answer Bot

The tutorial delves into building a Question and question-and-answer bot based on a fixed knowledge base, covering the integration of concepts discussed in earlier notebooks about LLMs (Large Language Models) and prompting. Initially, it introduces a high-level architecture focusing on vector search—a method to retrieve similar items based on vector representations. The notebook explains the steps involved in vector search including vector representation, indexing, querying, similarity measurement, and retrieval, detailing various technologies used for vector search such as vector libraries, vector databases, and vector plugins. The example utilizes an Open Source vector database, Chroma, to index data and uses state-of-the-union text data for the exercise.

Then the  focus shifts to text generation where Langchain Chains are introduced. Chains, as described, allow for more complex applications by chaining several steps and models together into pipelines. A RetrievalQA chain is used to build a Q&A Bot application that utilizes an OpenAI chat model for text generation.  

  • Building a Q&A Bot Overview
  • Vector Databases
  • Vector representation, indexing and querying
  •  Vector Search Technologies
  •  LangChain Agents
  • Workshop Assets

Meet your instructor

Senior Machine Learning Engineer / Data Science Consultant

Mary Grace Moesta

Mary Grace Moesta is a senior data science consultant at Databricks. She's been working in the big data and data science space for several years with opportunities to collaborate across several verticals, with the majority of her work focused in the Retail and CPG space. Prior to Databricks, Mary Grace was able to contribute to several machine learning applications, namely - personalization use cases, forecasting, recommendation engines, and customer experience measures.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Tutorail!

    • Welcome to the tutorial!

    • What You'll Learn in This Tutorial

    • How to use this tutorial

    • Tutorila Prerequisites

  • 2

    Building a Question and Answering Bot

    • Search

    • Vector search technologies

    • LangChain Chains

    • Tutorial Code Notebook: Building a QA Bot + Data Files

    • Building a Question and Answer Bo Quiz


A Hands-on Tutorial

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