In this entertaining talk, Daniel Huss will discuss what is required to monetize your data science creations. There is a really good chance that you have developed an awesome model cause you’re an awesome data scientist, but you may not even know that multiple companies might really benefit from what you’ve created. More so, that company might not know that their use case in data science has been solved and available on the market. So how do companies think about build vs. buy decisions? What is required by companies when they are considering 3 rd party data science solutions? And what on earth should you charge for it?

What Participants Will Learn:

The main goal of this webinar is to talk through the requirements, hurdles, and use cases that data scientists may face while trying to monetize their models. We’ll cover:

  • Why do companies worry about open source?
  • What do they need from security requirements?
  • How do we recognize use cases where our models may extend to, into other companies/verticals?
  • What are we seeing in the market in terms of how to price your solutions?
  • What distribution mechanisms are available to help sell our solutions?

Instructor's Bio

Daniel Huss

 Product Scientist and Founder of gravityAI

Daniel Huss is a Product Scientist and founder of gravityAI. He has spoken at the Strata Data Conference, numerous other data science conferences, as well as a TED. His unique presentation style plays out more like a movie, to try to keep you engaged during these over remote-conferenced times, and increase retention of information and engagement.

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    Productization and Monetization: What You Need to Know to Monetize Your Models

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