The new PDP (Personal Data Protection) Law, which is similar to GDPR and CCPA, is being implemented in India. All enterprise data services including analytics and data science within the scope of the law are required to comply with the same. As a data processor, we are on the critical path and enabler of the compliance. 

In this talk we highlight some of the key clauses in the the PDP law, and we discuss some of the mechanisms that we are building for clients in our ML data preparation platform, Enrich. They include open source compliance checklist to help with the process, ‘right to forget’ service using anonymized lookup key service, and metadata service to enable tracking of the datasets. The focus will be on the generic capabilities, and not on Scribble or our product.

Instructor's Bio

Dr. Venkata Pingali, Co-Founder and CEO of Scribble Data

Dr. Venkata Pingali is Co-Founder and CEO of Scribble Data, an ML Engineering company with offices in India and Canada. Scribble’s flagship enterprise product, Enrich, enables organizations to address 10x analytics/data science usecases through trusted production datasets . Before starting Scribble Data, Dr. Pingali was VP of Analytics at a data consulting firm and CEO of an energy analytics firm. He has a BTech from IIT Mumbai and a PhD from USC in Computer Science.


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    Privacy-Law Aware ML Data Preparation

    • Privacy-Law Aware ML Data Preparation