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    ODSC West Keynotes

    • HPs 3D Digital Twin_Synthesize Data and Domain Science to Improve Additive Manufacturing Production Yield by Jun Zeng, PhD

    • Feathr_Scalable Feature Store that opens the Window to Infinite Possibilities by Mario Inchiosa, PhD

    • Responsible AI a Global Imperative for Governments and Business – Now and the Future by Kay Firth-Butterfield

    • Is My NLP Model Working? The Answer is Harder Than You Think by Graham Neubig, PhD

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    ODSC Demo Talks

    • MySQL HeatWave ML – the Easiest, Fastest, and Least Expensive Way to Add Powerful Machine Learning Capabilities to your MySQL Applications ин Sandeep Agrawal, PhD and Salil Pradhan

    • Unleash your Neural Networks with Applied Explainability by Yotam Azriel

    • Real-time Analytics, AI&Apps with Deephaven Data Labs by Pete Goddard

    • Data Science Platforms are Bad by Hugo Shi

    • Turbo Boost Workflows for AI, ML, DevOps and EDA with Modern File Utilities by Keshav Attrey

    • HPCC Systems – The Kit and Kaboodle for Big Data and Data Science by Bob Foreman

    • Azure AI Powered Global Translator by Savita Mittal

    • Data Science at 200mph, How HP Data Science Powers Winning Racing, Presented by HP Inc by Alex Duncan and Steve Sutton

    • Unlocking High Quality Data with Ground Control by Lucas Chatham

    • Methods and Tools for Time Series Data Science Problems with InfluxDB by Zoe Steinkamp

    • Graph Data Science Framework for the Enterprise by Stuart Laurie

    • Unravel Data - Empowering DevOps for Data Teams by Keith Alsheimer and Chris Santiago