Rainforests are the most diverse, complex, and imperiled terrestrial ecosystems on Earth. Despite their critical importance to the livelihoods of local communities, harboring immense biodiversity, regulating climate, and being the origin of most modern medicines, rainforests are undervalued, understudied, and overexploited.

In addition, the Rainforest is dense, vast, and home to notoriously harsh environmental conditions, all presenting barriers for current technology and research. The 5-year $10M Rainforest XPRIZE attempts to solve this problem by improving our understanding of rainforest ecosystems. The competition challenges teams to integrate current and emerging technology such as data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and remote sensing to survey biodiversity in multiple stories of the rainforest and to use data to deliver insights in near real-time and in unprecedented detail that will reveal the true value of standing forests, ultimately leading to their sustainable use and preservation globally.

Tune in to our talk to learn more and see how you can become involved in this groundbreaking competition for the benefit of humanity.

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Rainforest XPRIZE: Harnessing Data for Good

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    Rainforest XPRIZE: Harnessing Data for Good

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    • Rainforest XPRIZE: Harnessing Data for Good


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