Data visualization is fundamental to the data science process.  Using plots and graphs to convey a complex idea makes your data more accessible to everyone.  In this session, you will learn the fundamentals of plotting with Pandas in Jupyter by building an interactive visualization prototype that can also run as a standalone web application/dashboard.  This session is for anyone who wants to be more familiar with data visualization, hands-on, with Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, interactive widgets, and Flask.


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Training Overview

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    ODSC West 2020: Data Visualization: From Jupyter to Dashboards

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    • Data Visualization: From Jupyter to Dashboards

Instructor Bio:

David Yerrington

Data Science Consultant | Yerrington Consulting

David Yerrington

At the age of 8, David began learning the BASIC programming language while living in Alaska's outskirts. He studied music performance but found the beginning of his career building a small software and consulting company in the late '90s. David's career spans almost 20 years including several startups as a lead engineer building scalable data services from prototype to production. During his time at Sony/Gracenote, he lead the implementation of prototypes featured in the Consumer Electronics Show, spanning problems with recommendation, content classification, and profiling type projects. David also held roles as a data scientist at a YC backed dating app company and an analytics startup researching and building scalable recommendation pipelines. While working at General Assembly as a Lead Global Data Science Instructor, David helped architect the first significant versions of their data science immersive curriculum. Also, he piloted many of the hybrid Data Science Immersive programs still taught today. Currently, David consults and contracts full-time for various clients and projects ranging from NLP, recommendation, big data, and professional training for large and small teams. David enjoys playing the cello in orchestras and a small group that performs classic video game covers when not working.