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Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are driving the future of computing and will continue to permeate more applications and services in the future. Many of these application deployments will be implemented in smaller server clusters, perhaps even in a single chassis. Accomplishing such a feat requires revisiting the entire spectrum of AI technologies and heterogeneous computing.

To excel in this transformation journey, NEC has developed SX-Aurora TSUBASA which is a vector processor of the NEC SX architecture family with advanced pipelining. Vector processing paired with middleware optimized for parallel pipelining is lowering the entry barriers for new AI and ML applications and is set to solve the upcoming challenges that were earlier attainable by cloud providers.

This is leading to NEC’s implementation as the primary compute engine in high performance computing applications, addressing massive amounts of statistical data and complex ML applications. Nevertheless, businesses are in the critical stage of AI adoption, the challenge today is more about crafting a strategy, determining the governance structures and practices needed for “responsible AI,” and accelerating the move from experiments to full-scale AI adoption considering the societal laws and norms. It means architecting and implementing solutions that put people at the centre. By using design-led thinking, organizations examine core ethical questions in context, evaluate the adequacy of policies and programs, and create a set of value-driven requirements governing AI solutions. NEC have successfully implemented and executed Artificial Intelligence(AI) in a box (bundled product) with domain expertise in BFSI, Food Chain , E-Commerce, Retail, Telecom, HPC Applications, etc.with the help of a new AI in a box package which include infrastructure (VE),solution and service.


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    AI-in-a-Box: Demystifying the Future of Businesses

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    • AI-in-a-Box: Demystifying the Future of Businesses


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