Course curriculum

  • 1

    ODSC Europe Keynotes

    • Build and Deploy PyTorch models with Azure Machine Learning by Henk Boelman

  • 2

    ODSC Talks

    • Should You Trust Your Copilot? Limitations and Merits of AI Coding Assistants by Emanuele Fabbiani, PhD

    • Artificial Intelligence Research Institute - On the Engineering of Social Values by Carles Sierra, PhD

    • Pre-trained Language Models for Summarisation by Sophia Ananiadou

    • Iterated and Exponentially Weighted Moving Principal Component Analysis by Dr Paul A. Bilokon

    • Me, my health, and AI: applications in medical diagnostics and prognostics by Sara Khalid

    • Semantic Analysis and Procedural Language Understanding in the Era of Large Language Models by Dr. Gözde Gül Şahin

    • Deep Learning and Comparisons between Large Language Models by Hossam Amer, PhD

    • Why GPU Clusters Don't Need to Go Brrr? Leverage Compound Sparsity to Achieve the Fastest Inference Performance on CPUs by Damian Bogunowicz, Konstantin Gulin

    • Why the Jagged Edge Matters by Jutta Treviranus

    • Apache Kafka for Real-Time Machine Learning Without a Data Lake by Kai Waehner

    • Towards Socially Unbiased Generative Artificial Intelligence by Danushka Bollegala, PhD

    • AI and Bias: How to detect it and how to prevent it by Sandra Wachter, PhD

    • From Probabilistic Logics to Neurosymbolic AI by Luc De Raedt

    • The Unfairness of Fair Machine Learning: Levelling Down and Strict Egalitarianism by Default by Brent Mittelstadt, PhD

    • Botnets detection at scale - Lesson learned from clustering billions of web attacks into botnets by Ori Nakar

    • Getting Up to Speed on Real-Time Machine Learning by Dillon Bostwick and Avinash Sooriyarachchi

    • Time Series Forecasting for Managers - All forecasts are wrong but some are useful by Tanvir Ahmed Shaikh

    • Probabilistic Machine Learning for Finance and Investing by Deepak Kanungo

  • 3

    ODSC Demo Talks

    • The Tangent Information Modeler, time series modeling reinvented by Philip Wauters

    • Ask the Experts! ML Pros Deep-Dive into Machine Learning Techniques and MLOps by Seth Juarez

    • Driving AI Forward: Continental Tire’s Journey to MLOps Excellence by Drazen Dodik

    • Build a Modern Data Estate in 15 Minutes by Chris Butcher