ODSC team is very excited about the upcoming ODSC Europe 2020 Virtual Conference next month! As our event is getting closer, we want to invite you to participate in FREE ODSC Europe's Bootcamp Warm-Up Webinar.

During the webinar you will:

- learn the latest models, advancements, and trends from the top practitioners;

- get a glimpse of the biggest Europe ODSC conferences;

- be able to ask questions directly to the speakers;

- get to know more about five training sessions you can attend at our ODSC Europe 2020 Virtual Bootcamp, on September 16-19th. 

We will feature 5 speakers from our upcoming ODSC Europe 2020 Virtual Bootcamp who will give 15 min previews of their conference sessions  + virtual Q&A from the instructors.

ODSC Virtual Bootcamp is the best way to gain in-demand data science skills in the shortest time with minimum investment. Starting in the summer, the Live and on-demand pre-Bootcamp Training & the Learning Hackathon will provide the right preparation and confidence to put your practice to work in your learning path.

It’s a truly immersive experience. Over almost a week, you will access an expanse of industry-focused data science topics on a scale not offered elsewhere. Uniquely, you will also get invaluable insights by networking and connecting with hundreds of data science attendees, world renowned-instructors, industry experts, and dozens of top companies seeking the next wave of talent.

Check the full line-up of Europe Conference speakers and instructors here, and workshop and training sessions here.

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Bill Shander

Founder of  Beehive Media

"From Numbers to Narrative: Turning Raw Data into Compelling Visual Stories with Impact"

In this talk, you will learn about some of the best practices for data storytelling and visualization and walk away with a new way of thinking and some practical tips you can put to work the moment the session is done.

Stefan Jansen 

Founder & Lead Data Scientist, 

Applied Artificial Intelligence

"How to Build and Test a Trading Strategy Using ML"

This workshop covers popular ML use cases for the investment industry. In particular, it focuses on how ML fits into the workflow of developing a trading strategy, from the engineering of financial features to the development of an ML model that generates tradable signals, the backtesting of a trading strategy that acts on these signals and the evaluation of its performance.

Olga Petrova, PhD

 Machine Learning DevOps Engineer, Scaleway

"Active Learning with a Sprinkle of PyTorch"

Practice shows that all data is not created equal: the choice of which data is prioritized to be labeled has a profound effect on the final performance of the resulting model. The task of determining which data samples would be most "informative" when labeled, goes under what is known as active learning.

Matt Brems

Global Lead Data Science Instructor, General Assembly

"Natural Language Processing Fundamentals in Python"

Daniel Whitenack, PhD

Instructor, Data Scientist,

SIL International

"State of the art AI Methods with TensorFlow: Transfer Learning, RL and GANs"

In this training, you will develop a theoretical understanding of these and other related state-of-the-art AI methods along with the hands-on skills needed to train and utilize them. You will implement a variety of models in TensorFlow for tasks including object recognition, image generation, and robotics.


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