Session Overview

As Machine Learning has become more and more popular not only in academia, but also in industry, lots of new and old models have been researched, tested, and apply in various fields. However, we’ve come to a point where the quality and richness of a dataset are crucial for improved results during a machine learning or deep learning task. This is where knowledge graphs come into play. The Semantic Web is a research field of Knowledge Management that has produced industry-level Knowledge Graphs and Semantics by applying various Description Logics with different flavours for over 20 years now. This talk features questions such as: What are Semantic Web and Knowledge Graphs? How can we apply them to Machine Learning? What interesting problems can be tackled this way and how can we improve results for already existing tasks? It will provide an overview of Semantic Web principles and concepts, description logic, reasoning and several use cases and examples that future research especially in combination with machine learning and deep learning will bring.


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    Knowledge Graphs for the Greater Good

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    • Knowledge Graphs for the Greater Good


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