The Python language is one of the most popular programming languages in data science and machine learning as it offers a number of powerful and accessible libraries and frameworks specifically designed for these fields.

This programming course is designed to give participants a quick introduction to the basics of coding using the Python language. It covers topics such as data structures, control structures, functions, modules, and file handling. This course aims to provide a basic foundation in Python and help participants develop the skills needed to progress in the field of data science and machine learningThe ability to effectively access, retrieve, and manipulate data using SQL is essential for data cleaning, pre-processing, and exploration, which are crucial steps in any data science or machine learning project. Additionally, SQL is widely used in industry, making it a valuable skill for professionals in the field. This course builds upon the earlier data course in the series.

Webinar includes

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    ODSC East 2024 AI Primer Course: Programming Primer With Python

    • Programming Primer With Python by Sheamus McGovern

    • Session Slides: ODSC East 2024 - Programming Primer With Python


Sheamus McGovern

Software Engineer & AI Expert

Sheamus McGovern

Founder of ODSC and Software Architect specializing in, complex multi-platform systems across multiple industries including finance, healthcare, and education.

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