This workshop will provide an overview of intelligent process automation best practices. This workshop will focus on alternating case studies and hands-on group exercises. Topics covered will include: an overview of modern document understanding focusing on the applicability of modern deep learning and transfer learning methods; construction, communication, and measurement of quantitative success metrics; solution architecture for common exotic problem variants such as multi-hop reasoning; and finally focusing on compliance requirements in intelligent process automation brought on by GDPR's recital 71 and the CCA. This will be a highly interdisciplinary session and should be approachable for anyone with a basic statistics background


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    ODSC East 2020: Deep Learning in Intelligent Process Automation

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    • Deep Learning in Intelligent Process Automation

Instructor Bio:

Slater Victoroff

CTO | indico data

Slater Victoroff

Slater Victoroff is the Founder and CTO of indico data solutions, an Enterprise AI solution for unstructured content with an emphasis on text and NLP. He has been building machine learning solutions for startups, governments, and Fortune 100 companies for the past 5 years and is a frequent speaker at AI conferences.