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On-Demand Recordings

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    ODSC East Keynotes

    • The Big Wave of AI at Scale by Luis Vargas, PhD

    • Is Your ML Secure? Cybersecurity and Threats in the ML World by Dr Hari Bhaskar, PhD and Jean-Rene Gauthier, PhD

    • Bridging the Gap Between Data Scientists and Decision Makers by Ken Jee

    • Accelerate AI/ML Deployments with Enterprise-grade MLOps by Matt Akins, Abhinav Joshi

    • Data Science and AI in Digital Transformation: Digital Can Lead to Blindness by Usama Fayyad, PhD

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    Partners Demo Talks

    • Run Azure Machine Learning Anywhere in Multi-cloud or on Premises by Doris Zhong

    • Supercharging Geospatial Analysis In Your Data Science Workflow by Shan He

    • Building Provenance and Reproducibility into ML Systems by Adam Pocock, PhD

    • A New Data Format to Deliver Real-Time Data at Massive Scale by Denis Coady

    • HPCC Systems – The Kit and Kaboodle for Big Data and Data Science by Bob Foreman

    • The Hidden Layers of Tech Behind Successful Data Labeling by Glen Ford

    • Supercharging MLOps with Composability, Automation, and Scalability by Aurick Qiao, PhD, Tong Wen, PhD

    • Introduction to WSL2 for Data Science with Z by HP by Akram Dweikat

    • MLOps: From 0-60 with Pachyderm by Jimmy Whitaker

    • What to Do When Your Data Gets Big by Nathan Ballou

    • InfluxDB: The Database for Your Time Series Data Science Problems by Anais Dotis-Georgiou

    • Data Observability in 10 Minutes by Kevin Hu

    • Reimagine Clinical Research with the Power of Artificial Intelligence by Sanjay Patil

    • Accelerating MLOps with Kubernetes, CI/CD & GitOps by Audrey Reznik

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    Extra Events

    • AI Investors Reverse Pitch by Igor Taber, Sarah Fay, Danel Dayan

    • Women in Data Science Ignite by by Sewalita Duara, Amy E. Holder, Ahn Tran Reshmi Ghosh

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