These are great times for being a data scientist. At SAS, we see companies of all sizes and industries turning towards model-driven business models as this provides competitive advantages. But often organisational structures are not keeping pace. Friction arises where production IT meets the analytical space and deploying an analytical model becomes a challenge, causing severe delays and high costs. In the area of software development these issues are well known and DevOps has proven to be a good response. 

Enter ModelOps, the adaption of DevOps to analytics. This session demonstrates how SAS can be used to realize the key idea of ModelOps: to put the developer into the driver's seat by giving more control on the model lifecycle. ModelOps is all about automation and toolchains. Git, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes typically are the building blocks of these toolchains. We will demonstrate how SAS Model Manager in SAS Viya can be used to fully orchestrate the model lifecycle in open analytical ecosystems. Using SAS and non-SAS scoring models as an example we will cover registering, deploying and monitoring SAS and non-SAS models in Docker containers on a Kubernetes cluster.

Instructor's Bio

Tamara Fischer

Principal Solutions Architect, Analytics at SAS

Tamara is a graduate statistician, has been working for many years in the role of Principal Solutions Architect, Analytics, at SAS. In this role she is implementing solutions along the entire analytical lifecycle from model development to model deployment.

Hans-Joachim Edert

Principal Business Solutions Manager,

 Global Technology Practice at SAS

Hans has been supporting SAS customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as a Presales consultant and Solution Architect since he joined SAS in 2002. Currently he is working in an international team of architects and developers which takes care for the EMEA region. His work is focused on enterprise architectures, Kubernetes and cloud technologies. 

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    Model Development and Lifecycle Orchestration with SAS in an open analytics ecosystem

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