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Open-source software is at the foundation of machine learning and there are numerous projects supporting various parts of machine learning lifecycle - from building to deploying and managing models. Join us to learn how Microsoft is investing across open source projects - both by starting new projects, like ONNX Runtime, InterpretML and FairLearn as well as contributing to existing projects, such as ONNX, DeepSpeed, and PyTorch. We'll also deep dive into some of our most recent work with PyTorch and share how organizations are using PyTorch on Azure to drive innovation.


Corporate Vice President | Microsoft

John Montgomery

John leads Program Management for Microsoft Azure AI and is responsible for designing products and services that data scientists and ML experts around the world love and use. He leads a team of program managers, researchers, and designers responsible for products and services including Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, ML.NET, and ONNX Runtime. Prior to this role, John has led the Program Management team for Microsoft’s Developer Division, including Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Azure Notebooks. He has also held positions as director of marketing for Visual Studio, as well as a program manager for Microsoft’s participation in several standards organizations, including ISO, IETF, and ECMA. Prior to joining Microsoft in 1998, John worked as a writer and editor for several computer and technology publications, including BYTE Magazine, PC/Computing, and Corporate Computing, as well as being the Chief Information Officer for Imagine Publishing.

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Emma Ning

Emma Ning is a senior Product manager in AI Framework team under Microsoft Cloud + AI Group, focusing on AI model operationalization and acceleration with ONNX/ONNX Runtime for open and interoperable AI. She has more than five years of product experience in search engine taking advantage of machine learning techniques and spent more than three years exploring AI adoption among various businesses. She is passionate about bringing AI solutions to solve business problems as well as enhancing product experience.

AI/Pytorch Partner Engineering Head, Facebook

Geeta Chauhan

Geeta Chauhan is CTO with 25+ yrs. of expertise in building resilient, anti-fragile, large scale distributed platforms with 1B+ users for startups and Fortune 500s. Built and launched 17+ platforms and countless applications based on AI/Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Kubernetes and Mesos Clustering, Data pipelines for real-time and offline analytics, Software Defined Networking, Micro-services, Self-healing, Elastic Scaling. Women in IT - CTO of the year 2019 award winner and a trusted advisor for Investment firms for Technology due diligence during merger and acquisitions and venture funding and led over a dozen due diligence projects across US and Europe.


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