Any role that requires programming as a skill now often requires a coding exam.  Software engineers have long had to pass this hurdle and the coding exam can be one of the most difficult challenges of a job interview.

For data scientists, data engineers, machine learning engineers and related roles the exam is even harder. Not only are you expected to have programming skills at the level of a professional programmer, but you also need to showcase your skills in data transformation, train/test models and finally visualize your results.  

This talk will help you master the coding exam. It will cover core competencies, expectations, and tips and techniques to improve your results.  We will wrap it up with a platform review where you can practice coding exams.

Instructor's Bio

Sheamus McGovern 

Software Developer and AI Expert

Founder of ODSC and Software Architect specializing in, complex multi-platform systems across multiple industries including finance, healthcare, and education.

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