As the field of Data Science continues its accelerated growth, the need for managers to develop and lead effective teams is quickly becoming more acute. Learn how to build and manage an effective Data Science team that will become an instrumental part of your organization. The talk will cover how to select and develop your team members, create a self-sustaining pipeline of analytics projects, make appropriate technology selections, and deliver real value to your company. Learn from real-world examples that have gone well, and those that have gone poorly to take actionable insights back to your organization.

Instructor's Bio

David Bloch 

Data Science Evangelist at Domino Data Lab

David Bloch is a data science professional with 20 years experience working in data and analytics roles. He recently joined Domino Data Lab in the position of data science evangelist where he is tasked with boosting awareness of the platform and product and assisting customers drive adoption of models and machine learning. David has a particular focus in assisting businesses to build out their community of expertise in data science and coaching data science leaders on how to build high performing teams. David previously held executive leadership roles in companies such as Fonterra, Vodafone and Unleashed Software.

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    Managing Effective Data Science Teams

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