Deep Learning! Reinforcement Learning! Relational Neural Networks! It all sounds very complicated, even magical. Under the hood, it can be complicated, but new machine learning libraries give you a surprising amount of power "out of the box," and that is both amazing, and a little scary. 

In this talk, Dave Kaiser will show you how easy it is to train a machine learning model using Python's SciKitLearn library (hint: it only takes a few lines of code, once you have "clean" data...) , and what dangers you need to be aware of when doing so. This will help you to identify the functional, and ethical, risks found in the data revealed by deploying machine simple to use learning tools without fully understanding the mechanisms. 

Instructor's Bio

Dave Kaiser, Java / Kotlin / ReactJS Developer at HCSC

Dave Kaiser is a Java / Kotlin / ReactJS Developer at HCSC. We use Extreme Programming (XP) to do amazing things with APIs and now with UIs too! Dave recently finished a Data Science Credential at DePaul and is extending his experience into Natural Language Programming.  

Dave has been an academic linguist, entrepreneur, and a translator for the FBI (don't ask, he can't tell you the good stories...)

He is one of those odd people who think presenting is fun.

Local ODSC chapter in Austin, USA

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