September 22nd, 10 AM ET

What you can expect?

  • Ai+ Training is pleased to announce Office Hours sessions starting on September 22nd, 10 AM ET.

  • In these one-hour sessions, you will be able to ask any questions you may have about the Ai+ Machine Learning Certification, the Ai+ platform itself, or ODSC conferences.

  • We will also take this time to give you a quick overview of our upcoming certifications: Advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning Live.

  • You will be able to unmute yourself and get to know other students and the Ai+ Training Team.

Your Instructor

Mostafa Gamal Badaway

Senior Data Scientist at ODSC

Mostafa has been with ODSC for the past two years as a Senior Data Scientist. He is responsible for developing the content and defining and building a production-ready software architecture for products containing an NLP engine as a core component. 

Limited seating available

The session starts in:

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds
  • Who should register?

    Everyone is welcome to register, no matter your background or years of experience. You do not need to have a paid account on the Ai+ Training Platform in order to register.

  • Why should I attend?

    These Office Hours sessions are a great way to learn more about the ODSC Certification and how it can be useful for career advancement and potential salary increases. You will also get tips on how to better use the Ai+ Platform and what content you should focus on, based on your background and current set of skills. We will all have a chance to network and meet each other.

  • Do I need to prepare?

    Definitely not, but it would be great if you already have the list of the questions or topics you would like us to discuss. We would also like to hear your feedback on how we can improve in the future.