Contrary to popular belief, achieving deep learning performance at scale doesn't require GPUs and other expensive hardware accelerators. 

The team at Neural Magic, a software startup founded out of MIT, discovered a way for data scientists to use ubiquitous and unconstrained CPU resources to achieve deep learning performance breakthroughs at scale, no expensive hardware required. 

This is big. And it sounds unbelievable, so we invite you to register for our webinar to see the art of possible. You'll get: 

  • An introduction to Neural Magic software 
  • A demo of Neural Magic in action 
  • An overview of delivering GPU-class performance (and better!) on commodity CPUs, with ease and significant cost savings 
  • Next steps on running Neural Magic software in your environment. 

Instructor's Bio

Bryan House, Chief Commercial Officer at Neural Magic

Bryan runs the GTM side of Neural Magic. An Acquia founding team member, he helped lead the company to $170+M in revenue. His expertise spans machine learning, digital experience platforms, and open source technology. He is known as a serial entrepreneur and has spoken at digital business conferences around the globe. Bryan has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a degree in Brewing from the Siebel Institute of Technology, the oldest brewing school in the United States. Before becoming Senior Vice President of WW Account Management at Acquia, Bryan ran product marketing for content management solutions at EMC Documentum. He was also brewed beer professionally for 8 years. Prior to Acquia, Bryan ran product marketing at EMC for Documentum’s collaboration, document management and search technologies. Prior to EMC, Bryan worked in product marketing and product management, after brewing beer professionally for seven years. Bryan lives in the Boston area and is an ardent Red Sox fan. He earned his MBA at Harvard.


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