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Join Thomas Scialom, the researcher behind renowned Generative AI projects like Llama 2, BLOOM, Toolformer, and Galactica, for an hour long discussion on the past, present, and future of LLMs. Over the course of an hour, you’ll explore recent developments and take a deep dive into future research trends in LLMs. 

Join us for our upcoming Lighting Interview with Thomas Scialom, leading expert in LLMs, for a deep dive into recent developments and future research trends in the field.

Local ODSC chapter in NYC, USA

Instructor's Bio

Thomas Scialom, PhD

A.I. Research Scientist at Meta

He is behind some of the world’s best-known Generative A.I. projects including Llama 2, BLOOM, Toolformer and Galactica. He is contributing to the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Thomas has lectured at many of the top A.I. labs (e.g., Google, Stanford, MILA). He holds a PhD from Sorbonne University, where he specialized in Natural-Language Generation with Reinforcement Learning.


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