On-Demand Sessions

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    On-Demand Sessions: ODSC East 2020

    • Keynote session by John Montgomery

    • MLOps – Take Your Data Science Workflows Into Production with MLOps

    • Consume, Control and Serve REST APIs with R

    • Improving Subseasonal Forecasting in the Western U.S. with Machine Learning

    • Training and Operationalizing Interpretable Machine Learning Models

    • Looking from Above: Object Detection and Other Computer Vision Tasks on Satellite Imagery

    • Azure Automated Machine Learning (Introduction and Demos)

    • How to Solve Real-World Computer Vision Problems Using Open-Source

    • Hybrid Deep Learning Approach to Speed up Certain Numerical Simulations

    • Responsible AI – State of the Art and Future Directions

    • Opening the Pod Bay Doors: Building Intelligent Agents That Can Interpret, Generate and Learn from Natural Language

    • From Research to Production: Performant Cross-platform ML/DNN Model Inferencing on Cloud and Edge with ONNX Runtime