In this webinar, we will show you how SAS Viya, a cloud-enabled and API-driven analytics engine, can easily automate modeling at scale. We will demonstrate how Viya automates the process of data cleansing, data transformations, feature engineering, algorithm matching, model training and ongoing governance. With this level of automation, you can still control and configure results as needed. Let us show you how the most advanced machine learning capabilities in the world are now automated.

Instructor's Bio

Global Product Marketing Manager at SAS

Marinela Profi

Marinela is Global Product Marketing Manager for Model Management and Open Source Integration in SAS. Previously, she worked as a Customer Advisor for Advanced Analytics supporting organizations across EMEA in achieving data driven decisions. Her background is a mix between Business Administration, Statistics and Marketing. After work, Marinela can be found reading, traveling and, as a good Italian, cooking and eating.

Systems Engineer at SAS

Paata Ugrekhelidze

Paata Ugrekhelidze is a Systems Engineer working on the Artificial Intelligence team at SAS. He is responsible for incorporating SAS capabilities via rest APIs, containers and open source technologies. He also focuses on creating and operationalizing these applications using a combination of SAS and open source.


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    How to Automate Modeling, Deployment and Governance at Scale with SAS Viya

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