Keynotes, demo talks and Career Lab Sessions

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    ODSC Europe Keynotes

    • Data Excellence: Better Data for Better AI by Dr. Lora Aroyo

    • Data Science Change Is Inevitable, Growth Is Optional by Dr. Iain Brown

    • Machine Learning for Exoplanet Discovery by Dr. David Armstrong

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    Demo talks

    • First Aid Kit for Data Science: Keeping Machine Learning Alive by Véronique Van Vlasselaer, PhD

    • eXplainable Predictive Decisioning: Combine ML and Decision Management to Promote Trust on Automated Decision Making by Matteo Mortariand Daniele Zonca

    • Build and Deploy Custom AI Predictive Models by Yamini Rao

    • A Quick, Practical Overview of KNIME Analytics Platform by Paolo Tamagnin

    • Best Practices: Partnerships between ML/AI and Data Labeling Companies by Soo Yang

    • An Overview of Algorithmia: the Industry Leading Machine Learning Operations and Management Platform by Kristopher Overholt

    • Leverage Data Lineage to Maximize the Benefits of Big Data by Ernie Ostic

    • Is Infrastructure Holding Back Adoption of AI at Scale? by Nick Patience

    • Revision Control for Structured Data by Gavin Mendel-Gleason

    • Sports Analytics - Leveraging Open Source Technology to Improve Athlete Performance by Christopher Connelly

    • Sports Analytics - Leveraging Open Source Technology to Improve Athlete Performance by Christopher Connelly

    • Annotating Data with AI-assisted Labelling by Eric Landau

    • VerticaPy Demo : Building a Prediction Churn Model Using Random Forest & Logistic Regression by Badr Ouali

    • Creating Efficiency and Trust with MLOps by Jan van der Vegt

    • Build Your Own Cloud Native Covid-19 Data Analytics with Kubernetes and OpenShift by Dr. Mo Haghighi

    • Learn How to Seamlessly Use Julia for Your Machine Learning Tasks by Dr. Matt Bauman

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    Career Lab Talks

    • Changing Career Paths: be a Data Scientist! by Bea Hernández

    • Demystifying Data Science Roles and Responsibilities by Eva-Marie Muller-Stuler, PhD

    • The Data Engineering Path by Daniela Petruzalek

    • Who is a Data Scientist? by Behrooz Afghahi

    • Navigating Data Science Interviews by Shrilata Murthy

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