Learn about Milvus v2.0 and the groundbreaking functionality developed by the Milvus core team. v2.0 includes feedback from over 1000+ enterprise users and 10,000 community members in order to build a better database to serve enterprises in more AI and big data scenarios.

This webinar will focus on the enhancements to Milvus 2.0 which include:

  • Feature Updates - includes delete, string ID support and Golang SDK support among other feature requests from customers that will demonstrate the enhancements of the newest version.
  • We will also showcase a performance benchmark report for Milvus 2.0
  • Highlight use cases of 2.0

Local ODSC chapter in San-Francisco, US

Instructor's Bio

Xiaofan Luan

 Senior Cloud Architect at Zilliz

Graduated from Cornell University with a master's degree in Computer Science. He has more than 7 years of experience in data storage, database development, and architecture design. Before joining Zilliz, he worked in Oracle, Hedvig, and the Alibaba Cloud database team. Currently, he is in charge of Milvus, an open source vector database, and Zilliz cloud platform development.


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    Enhancements Milvus v2.0

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